Amazon is the largest online seller with 55% of the global online market share. Owing to its intense popularity, Amazon sales surpass US$ 107 billion annually. Hence, millions of small and large sellers are looking for ways to increase Amazon sales rank for their products.

Tips to Increase Amazon Sales

1. Step ahead of the competition

The best way to get Amazon sales increase in 2020 is to first find the key point of distinction for your product and brand. You need to identify the factor of importance for customers that the other competitors are failing to address.

Ensure that your copy content and images should provide the vital reasons that compel a consumer to buy your product on Amazon. Keep in mind the following points to identify these vital points:

  1. Customer’s opinion about the product
  2. Reasons for the customer to love the product
  3. Reasons for the customer to dislike the product
2 – Registering your brand

Legally registering your brand prevents the sale of counterfeit products under your brand name. It is extremely necessary to get your brand trademarked.

Apart from ensuring authenticity, brand registration helps to unlock Amazon’s A+ Content feature, which is one of the best ways to increase sales on Amazon India. Once you unlock the A+ Content, you can access it by clicking on the Advertising drop-down menu and selecting the Amazon Seller Central option.

3 – Cater to your current consumers

Create an email list of your existing customers and send them a list of new products on the launch, according to individual consumer preferences from their shopping history.

Create social media accounts for audience building as this helps to increase traffic to Amazon listing through the back-link building.

4 – Plan worldwide

You need to expand your brand to the rest of the world. Don’t just target consumers from India but expand into the rest of the Asian region, Europe, and the Americas and Africa. This is an excellent way to ensure Amazon sales increase in COVID situation.

5 – Direct traffic to your listing with content creation

Create outside content to direct traffic to your Amazon page which will increase traffic to Amazon listing too. Create a simple but efficient website to educate and promote your niche products to customers.

Creating content that informs consumers about your products and directs them to your Amazon page helps to increase Amazon sales rank significantly.

6 – Organize your inventory

It is extremely important to manage your inventory. Your inventory performance helps Amazon to decide whether to cut back or increase your storage limits.

Excessively large inventory means higher storage fees while excessively small inventory means missing out on major sales opportunities. Poor inventory performance can even cancel your seller account on Amazon.

7 – Keywords are key to increase sales on Amazon

Choose wide keywords that cover the different combinations of keywords that customers are most likely to search for a product with. Large numbers of keywords associated with your product are the answer to how to increase sales on Amazon FBA.

8 – Involve influencer marketing

Consumers are increasingly checking product reviews before buying things online. Hence, it is vital to hook up with social media influencers to ensure that your product gets maximum positive reviews. This is an excellent and efficient way to ensure Amazon sales increase in 2020.

9 – Use Instagram sales channel

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most influential social media platforms. It has become an efficient way for companies to advertise their products to the target audience. Instagram is also one of the best answers to how to increase sales on Amazon FBA too.

10 – Better your brand

Ideally, the audience, sales channel, and product are necessary to make a renowned brand. Hence, it is highly advisable to focus on building these three aspects to ensure that you increase traffic to Amazon listing efficiently.


These top 10 tips to increase Amazon sales and win market share in 2020 are extremely vital for small and large brands to beat the competition and stay ahead in the fast-paced race for brand dominion on Amazon.