It’s a dream of everyone to make money even when they sleep. Affiliate marketing is the way to make your dreams come true. The best part is you never need to pay anything to anyone.  We are sure that you are here as you have a desire of making money online. You can get started with Affiliate marketing. Next is about “What is Affiliate Marketing”, then, we will let you know “how to start Affiliate marketing for beginners and make a huge income online?

What is Affiliate Marketing?  

 Affiliate marketing for beginners is the way to earn commission by promoting and selling the other’s products.  The company or manufacturer who creates the product wants to get maximum sales. So, they bring the products online and offer a commission to affiliate marketers on every successful purchase.

The whole thing can be cleared with an instance.  Let’s take an example of Apple Company, which is the prominent manufacturing brand of several iPhone gadgets. As an affiliate marketer (publisher), you can publish their products on your webspace with a link (affiliate link) to Samsung’s website (advertiser). When someone buys a product by hitting your affiliate link, you will make a commission. This is Affiliate marketing.  

You never need to pay any amount. You don’t need to have any specific degree or qualification. You just need to have your website with good traffic, personal computer, and internet connection. If you already have all these, you are eligible to get started with affiliate marketing.

Now, you have known everything about affiliate marketing. So, next is how to Tips to start affiliate marketing for beginners. We will say again, you don’t need to be a master of programming or to have some specific qualification. Just follow this complete affiliate marketing tutorial and start making money from home online with affiliate marketing.

How to start affiliate marketing as a newbie?

Follow these affiliate marketing guidelines step by step. Surely, you will be glad to see money rolling down directly to your bank account.

Select The Brand Offering Highest Payout:  

The very first step is to select the brand (the advertiser) that pays the highest affiliate commission. Most important, select the advertisers to whom you can perform well. Like Amazon, Flipkart…, etc. Once you recognize your interest, you can go ahead to create an affiliate account (Publisher)

Create an Account as a publisher:

Just fill up the form credentials and verify your email account. Next is to verify your contact number and bank details as well. Make sure to enter the right details to receive your hard money to your bank account with no trouble.

Select the affiliate product of highest demand:   

Once you have created and verify your affiliate account, you are free to start. Select the best and high-demanded affiliate products and get their associated affiliate link. All advertisers provide publishers with several display banners, sidebar images, videos, and images with text and many more widgets. As a publisher, you can copy and paste the code in your website or blog where you want to display affiliate ads.

Make Money on every single purchase:

If you are already getting huge quality traffic regularly, then, no doubt you can earn thousands of dollars per month. How? When visitors click on affiliate product ads, they will be redirected to the advertiser’s website. Now, whenever (by when cookies remain in the browser), they buy any product, you will get the associated commission amount.

Receive Money direct to your bank account:

When your income crosses the threshold amount (minimum payout, say $100), you will auto receive your money directly to your bank account at the end of every month. In case, your income doesn’t reach the threshold limit, it will be added to the income for next month.


Be cheer up and bring an amazing smile on your face as you know the secret of making money online from home. For any queries, you may come to our comment section. If you love this post, then please like and share to help others to make money online with affiliate marketing