Facebook owned Whatsapp in 2009 for $19 billion continuously update the app and bring exciting new features for the users of both android and IOS device. Whatsapp is one of the most popular social media messengers which was cross 1 billion users almost in half-year. Whatsapp updates their app frequently recently WhatsApp announced some new features like Touch Id, Can delete messages after sending and others but there are some features and updates that WhatsApp tests all on beta versions but still not out for the users publicly. Let’s take a quick look at Latest & Upcoming Whatsapp Features & News

Latest & Upcoming features

  • Finger Print for Android Users: 

The fingerprint is rolled out recently as let us clear you this is not the recent feature for IOS device users as Whatsapp launched this feature earlier for iPhone users and now, this exciting feature will also be visible for android users for security purpose.

  • Hide muted status:

Recently Whatsapp rolled out a feature which enables users to must status updates. Now WhatsApp also started to roll out the latest feature and try them on the beta version of Whatsapp that now users can hide muted status. To enable this feature you will have to click on the muted user and select the option hide that will be displayed at the dropdown menu in muted status updates section and Incase, you want to unhide them then all you have to do is click on the same ‘Show’ button and retore them.

  • Control group invite:

We understand, If anyone adds you in a WhatsApp group without asking you is such an annoying thing that we all have to face in Whatsapp. Nut as we know WhatsApp has frequently updated the app and never disappoint their users. Now WhatsApp brings a new feature that you can control who will add you in which group. Whatsapp brings change in the group privacy setting. Recently the app has replaced the “Nobody” option with “My contact except” which gives a better experience to users over who can add them to groups.

  • Splash screen feature: 

The nest upcoming feature is “The Splash Screen”  This is the feature that you can find when you open your WhatsApp. You can see the text along with Whatsapp logo ” from Facebook”. The Splash Screen feature is available for Whatsapp beta users in both android and IOS device.

  • Self-Destructing Messages

Before some times, Whatsapp launched new feature “delete for everyone” which is very interesting feature that you can send text message but In case, you wrote something incorrect or something that you don’t want to send then you delete the message by clicking on the option “delete for everyone” but after this, you show the text “you deleted this message”. The Self-destructing will leave no text like this. In the latest feature, it will be like a message on the chat never existed.

  • Share status on other Apps

If you notice this feature already rolled out for IOS device When you share your WhatsApp story you can check the options available to share on Facebook or on other apps also. You can also do this later until disappearing WhatsApp story.

  • Withdrawl money by using Whatsapp:

We know, “you think like this is really possible?” but let’s clear you yes, this is completely possible when we are talking about Whatsapp which is owned by Facebook and make one of the best social media messengers within few. So yes, this is also possible, now you can withdraw money via WhatsApp. It means you no longer require the bank’s own app for transactions.

Steps to withdraw money via WhatsApp:

  1. Store bank contact (phone number) in the address book and ask for a withdrawal
  2. A chatbot on IBM Watson technology asks for the amount and the PIN that the customer must enter.
  3. After verification, the customer is sent a code which must be entered in the ATM and is valid for the day of the request