Five years ago, 100 million Snapchat users shot and uploaded an astonishing 6 billion videos. Today, the image-centric social networking platform has over 190 million active users around the globe. v is extremely lucrative as the platform is growing rapidly. Snapchat advertising has become one of the most effective ways to market products and services worldwide.

Benefits of Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

Here are the top benefits and reasons that show how lucrative and profitable Snapchat advertising is:

1 – Connect with an immense influencer audience

Today, millennial spending power is the greatest and the generation has become a bunch of extremely influencing icons. The millennial generation holds the key to influence the targeted audience when it comes to promotion for products, such as tech, fashion, food, etc.

Snapchat marketing strategy focused on the millennial generation is extremely effective and shows incredible results as increased sales.

2 – Reach out to a wider target audience

 According to research studies, currently people between the ages of 18 to 24 years make up the majority of Snapchat users. However, as is seen in any other trending social networking platform online, the range of users for Snapchat is set to reach out to the older generation, particularly those between the ages of 35 to 44 years. This is an excellent way for effective Snapchat branding for your product and brand.

3 – Get hyper-engaged consumer base

As opposed to other online media, Snapchat users are 90% likely to read your story. From years now, over 65% of Snapchat users have been contributing daily to the popular social networking platform with their own stories and videos. This shows that millions of Snapchat users are extremely engaged and offer an incredibly large target audience for advertisers.

Snapchat for Business in 2020 is the best option

According to Snapchat, Brand Profiles provide a permanent place for brands on Snapchat. It brings numerous brand experiences for Snapchat users into a single place on the platform. The number of daily Snapchat users is well over 229 million today which is an extremely lucrative market for Snapchat ad formats. This way, brands will find it easier to reach out and connect with Generation Z and the millennial generation who are normally hard to engage.

Brand profiles on Snapchat are now set to be consolidated in the app, which will provide an excellent opportunity for successful use of Snapchat for business in 2020.

The extensive and efficient profile management in Snapchat allows businesses to:

  • Use branded AR lenses – Thanks to the new Snapchat ad manager, now advertisers will be able to show any Lens which they have created or customized for their profile. This is an excellent way to increase the value of Snapchat branding through promotional tie-in AR experiences.
  • Highlight their brands – The Highlight feature is a must for every Snapchat business account as it allows brands to display their best Snaps, photos, Stories, and videos directly on their Snapchat profile. It is an incredibly easy way for new users to get familiar with lesser-known brands.
  • Post Stories – Businesses can now easily upload and showcase their own Story on their brand profile and give audiences a better insight into their products and services. This makes it one of the most powerful Snapchat ad formats.
  • Create Native Store – Last but not the least, the new features will allow brands to include optional Store experience to their profiles. This way, Snapchat users can easily browse and buy products by using Snapchat itself. This is set to be ranked as one of the most effective Snapchat marketing strategy.
Bottom Line

The incredible new features introduced by Snapchat are focused on promoting brands and helping businesses to reach out to younger and more influential Snapchat users in the best possible way for successful and effective Snapchat advertising today.