Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the way to boost your website’s organic traffic as well as increase search ranking on Google. But sometimes many are failed to grow traffic on the website.If you are still struggling for “why my website is not getting traffic?” or you are scrolling over the internet “how to grow audience engagement for my blog post?”, Then Good Luck! You have reached an appropriate blog post.

Here we will be discussing “how to do SEO to double your website traffic?”

Have a look at the top 5 SEO techniques and boost your search engine ranking. If you are a newbie in the SEO marketing industry, you can get here a lot.

1. Website Should Be On-Page Optimized

On-Page SEO Optimization is the primary step to boost your website’s searches on Google. Once you score the highest on-page optimization grades, you will see the best results very soon.  If you have a website on WordPress, you can install the Yoast SEO plugin. This helps you to make your website on-page optimized to a great extent.

Website OnPage Optimization Includes—

  • Title Tag Optimization (Tile should be unique, Use Keywords on Title)
  • H1, H2 Tag Optimization (Use Key Words, Use Max 1 H1 Tag and other headings as per your content structure requirement)
  • Image Optimization (Include Alt tag with Keywords, reduce image file sizes)
  • Meta Tags Optimization (Use Meta tags for keywords and description)
  • Content Optimization (Content should be unique with a good readability score and no grammatical issues)
  • Minify CSS and JS (It will make your website faster and offer your visitors a great navigation experience)
  • Use Schema code for ratings, FAQs, Organization,…etc (It helps your website content to get better ranking on search engines)
  • Include low competitive and highest-search keywords (This trick helps you to rank your website’s keywords at the top in search engines in less timeframe)

2. Participate In Q/Forums:

Avoid spamming and don’t be greedy for links. Just help others and win credibility in returns. Once you start getting audience engagement, you will be able to hit the target.

  • Search the relevant question there and answer without having any intention to get backlinks.
  • You can leave your website link at the bottom of your answer.
  • The more you publish answers briefly and are easy to read, the more you can get traffic and huge audience engagement.

“I am sure this will be better for a startup rather than spending a huge sum on PPC and SMO to magnetize traffic”.

3. Never Forget YouTube Marketing:

YouTube is the biggest platform for uploading videos. More than 100K Billion are using YouTube to know the latest updates of their interest.

By creating and uploading catchy videos with attractive titles, YouTubers, today, are successful to attract lots of visitors to their blogs and website. You can also put your website or blog post links in the description of videos.  

4. Create Landing Pages:

Landing pages are web pages that are designed to engage traffic for any particular products and services. You can create multiple landing pages separately for different products/services.

  •  Use UberSuggest to search for unique and LSI keywords for free. Use those keywords to optimize your landing pages as well.
  • Landing Pages or websites should also be mobile-friendly. This helps hand-held users to go quickly through your website/blogs

5. Do effective Local SEO:

Use location-targeted keywords. This will engage your local audience to your business website or blogs. Also, you have a grand opportunity to list your business on Google.  

  • Just go through Google My Business and get started for free.
  • List your business with a unique title including keywords, contact details, locations, working hours, services, offers, and much more.
  •  Even you can publish featured images and blog posts. This will be better for the highest search ranking, credibility, and relevant huge local traffic.

“You will need to verify your account via Google My Business card at your doorstep or Text Message”. You will be provided with a 4-digit Pin. Just enter your pin to verify your Google My Business listing.


You will surely feel good to adopt these top 5 SEO techniques that’ll double your website’s traffic. if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and let us know.