Social media has had a profound impact on how travel companies interact with customers. Travel agencies have had to shift to a digitally-driven strategy rather than the brick-and-mortar approach.

These days’ technology and social media are changing rapidly. Notably, social media is expanding rapidly. Continue reading to learn more about how social media has changed travel marketing and media and how companies connect with today’s social customers more than ever.

  1.     Growing Competition

Ironically, the travel industry is seeing the world shrinking due to social media. It doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t travel anymore.

Instead, it makes it easier to make a personal connection to your buyer, even if they are on another continent.

Travelers can access pricing information and customer testimonials on the agency’s website in just a few clicks from anywhere in the world.

  1.     Change Buyer Behavior

Buyers expect more personal interaction with companies because of the ease of accessing real-time information.

Social media is changing the way buyers choose vendors and engage with them. Customer-facing employees bear the brunt.

The travel marketing agency is the key to attracting new customers and maintaining customer loyalty in sales, account management, and customer service.

  1.     Create A Brand Presence

You can keep your buyer in mind by creating a social media strategy that includes paid ads, solid corporate profiles and allows employees to share content.

Your buyers will remember you if your brand is strong. In the latter stages of a buyer’s journey, customer reviews and travel marketing are more critical.

  1.     Engage Online Travellers

Travelers today use the internet to find out more about their destination and accommodation options to make informed purchasing decisions.

Today, the internet has made it stress-free to access information. Travel marketing expert makes it possible for travel companies to influence and engage buyers.


Many travel companies that have adopted digital strategies are seeing a shift in the market. Your brand is often seen and engaged by people on social media, regardless of whether they want customer acquisition or loyalty.

Your brand can stay top-of-mind by encouraging potential customers to follow your Instagram or Facebook pages.