This is one of the most frequently searched questions on Google during the Covind19 pandemic.

The search engine is a basic need of Internet users and for consumer intent and behavior, and the COVID-19 crisis is having a major impact on search behavior, consumer mobility, media consumption habits, supply chains, and budgets.

But We also want to clear that ‘It depends’

Searches are the reflection of human behavior and Coronavirus Pandemic affects each business but in different aspects.With these changing circumstances, businesses need to adjust their next marketing campaigns to alleviate risk strategically.

Which Industry affected the most during Covind19

During this Coronavirus Pandemic, the whole world survives in a strange situation due to the spread of Coronavirus, especially If we talk about Italy, America, and China. there were a lot of people dead and affected by this dangerous disease.

But due to all this, Businesses have a great impact, some have a good economy (which are includes in essential services) Some suffer badly and some even shut down their companies like Tourism.

Tourism is an only industry which looks ends for a few months and business owners who don’t have much fund to live their business has decided to shut down their companies. And all this also affects their business ranking on the search engine as well.

1. Maximize relevant content:

Content is always king in SEO and there is no alternate for great content. Quality content is best for improving any site’s ranking. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, There are many websites that have a drastic effect and their ranking may get decrease but on the other hand, There are essential goods websites that have a decent ranking and all such happen during human searches.

So, Try to increase more relevant & unique content with good concepts to maintain the site’s ranking.

2. DO SEO:

If you are focussing on Organic results and don’t want to increase brand awareness and lead generation with the help of paid marketing then SEO is a good and only option to apply and make your online business alive. Improve SEO ranking during Coronavirus is a challenging thing!

3. Have Link WOrthy Sites:

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important parts of Digital Marketing and In upcoming days this is a kind of essential part of online marketing. But make sure you are doing SEO for your website in a significant manner, as try to make quality links with the help of Blogs and Articles mainly.

4. Make your website Trustable:

Most of the business owners doing websites SEO but don’t give enough importance on safety and trust! And believe us you can’t achieve your SEO goal without making your website trustable.

Use an SSL certificate and make your website secure and trustworthy, it increases your online presence and builds trust.

5. Focus on Mobile friendly USers:

Doing Search Engine Optimization and not focusing on Mobile friendly website? This is almost senseless.

In today’s world, most of the users come on the website through a mobile device and here we are not only talking about India but about the whole world. So, Always keep in mind to focus on a mobile-friendly and responsive website to improve SEO ranking of your website.